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Forum Facilitators - facilitator's work to setup and host the bi-weekly FOLIOforum
About the Community category [Community] (1)
Artificial Intelligence: Its impact on Libraries [Community] (3)
Open position: Assistant Librarian, Systems & Development [Community] (1)
Brokering Resource Sharing Requests [Community] (7)
Feedback on WOLFcon [Community] (1)
Introduction to the 'Questions' tool on the wiki [Community] (1)
Pricing Models for Hosted FOLIO? [Community] (4)
Summary of the Madrid Developers Meeting, January 2018 [Community] (1)
Introduction or overview [Community] (1)
Need Folio Tutorial [Community] (6)
Updated "Milestones and Dev Plan" document now available [Community] (1)
Questions about tutorial [Community] (2)
Differences between FOLIO and Kuali OLE? [Community] (3)
FOLIO Forum on the Codex: Wednesday, August 16 at 11am eastern U.S. time [Community] (5)
Comments on establishing a contributor license agreement for FOLIO code [Community] (2)
FOLIO integrated vendors [Community] (2)
Adding SIG membership to Wiki user profile and dynamically generating SIG member lists [Community] (2)
Thoughts on how FOLIO and Repositories can work together [Community] (1)
Adding a 'folio-future' tag for Discuss.folio topics that go beyond what is planned for the release under development [Community] (1)
Tenants and users [Community] (1)
Automated Slack Invitations now available [Community] (15)
OLE open position for senior UX/UI/Interaction designer [Community] (1)
FOLIO Communication Spaces - Community - FOLIO Wiki [Community] (4)
Calendar of FOLIO Meetings and Events now available [Community] (1)
Contributions from private developers [Community] (3)
Receive Email for New SIG posts [Community] (1)
FOLIO Tutorial and Hack-a-thon Voting for Code4Lib [Community] (3)
Code4Lib voting for main conference sessions happening through December 7th [Community] (1)
Copenhagen Meet-up: Summary of discussions in metadata breakout [Community] (2)
Copenhagen Meet-up: Summary of discussion in technical breakout [Community] (3)