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Australia / New Zealand SIG <a href=""></a> - <a href="">Wiki</a> - Coordinating activities in this region of the world. Italia SIG <a href=""></a> - <a href="">Wiki</a>
About the Local category [Local] (1)
Asynchronous meetings (by Sae Ra Germaine) [Australia / New Zealand SIG] (7)
social media integration (by Sae Ra Germaine) [Australia / New Zealand SIG] (4)
Proposal to move some of the VALATech topic to functional SIG categories [Australia / New Zealand SIG] (6)
The integration of library systems events (bookings) and websites. All connected, automated etc. (by Emily) [Australia / New Zealand SIG] (1)
More advanced library management system - Misspell - pickup; option to correct the spelling (by Lalitha) [Australia / New Zealand SIG] (1)
Folio integrating with institutional repository and web content management system [Australia / New Zealand SIG] (2)
Form Builder linked to "Apps" (by Sae Ra Germaine) [Australia / New Zealand SIG] (8)
Re-purpose slack channel #valatech17 for ANZ SIG [Australia / New Zealand SIG] (4)
Auto integration with mobile/sms communications to groups or everyone (by Kathy Martin) [Australia / New Zealand SIG] (3)
Automatic file transfer to different file formats (by Kathy Martin) [Australia / New Zealand SIG] (2)
Exercise files for the FOLIO Developer Curriculum (by Alvet) [Australia / New Zealand SIG] (5)
Greetings OCEANIA colleagues [Australia / New Zealand SIG] (5)
GBV Zentral uses SolrCloud for VZG Discovery Service [Local] (1)