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About the Australia / New Zealand SIG category (1)
Asynchronous meetings (by Sae Ra Germaine) (7)
social media integration (by Sae Ra Germaine) (4)
Proposal to move some of the VALATech topic to functional SIG categories (6)
The integration of library systems events (bookings) and websites. All connected, automated etc. (by Emily) (1)
More advanced library management system - Misspell - pickup; option to correct the spelling (by Lalitha) (1)
Folio integrating with institutional repository and web content management system (2)
Form Builder linked to "Apps" (by Sae Ra Germaine) (8)
Re-purpose slack channel #valatech17 for ANZ SIG (4)
Auto integration with mobile/sms communications to groups or everyone (by Kathy Martin) (3)
Automatic file transfer to different file formats (by Kathy Martin) (2)
Exercise files for the FOLIO Developer Curriculum (by Alvet) (5)
Greetings OCEANIA colleagues (5)