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About the Metadata Management category (1)
Defining Alerts & Notifications in Inventory (and MarcCat) (1)
Bibliographic/authority indexing (4)
ISBNs WITH hyphens (9)
ISBNs in MARC records (15)
Ebook metadata/Records in Folio (4)
On the need for separate holdings and item records in the Codex (1)
Gap analysis--Items (1)
Instance Status Element discussion (1)
书目 用户体验设计第二次迭代 - 中文说明(中文界面) (4)
Holdings records: MFHD and/or FOLIO Inventory holdings format? (1)
:books: Filter layout for material types in Inventory (9)
UX redesign of the Inventory. Review of the Instance record (1)
MARC Batch Loads into FOLIO: New Subgroup (2)
:mag: Search Patterns Discussion (8)
Inventory Search (1)
Cross functional capabilities with Inventory Item Information? (4)
Multipart monographs (2)
Inventory app. Search and filter. User feedback on current version (alpha) (11)
Codex Search app. User feedback on current version (alpha) (3)
"Discuss requirements for Searching and filters" (3)
Inventory app. Display of Instance data in detailed view. User feedback on current version (alpha) (3)
:file_cabinet: Inventory, UX iteration 2, English (4)
@Cult Cataloging Module (1)
:card_file_box::arrow_right::card_file_box: Bulk moving items or holdings (4)
Locally-stored metadata records for eResources (10)
:file_cabinet: Inventory, UX iteration 1, English (8)
:page_facing_up::zap: Importing .marc approaches (English) (13)
Talking about how to talk about _Linked Data_ in FOLIO (9)
Oct 26th meeting - search app (3)