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Order transactions able to be auto routed to our university Oracle system when paid (by Ruth Baxter)

15 Jul '17

17 Jul '17

Hi @Ruth. Take a look at @filipjakobsen’s prototype for the Workflows app: FOLIO Workflows UX. (This link takes you right to the prototype; click the “Watch Demo” link at the bottom for a brief explanation of how it would work.) This would, of course, require some integration steps with the university Oracle system, but the workflow app is intended to orchestrate these kinds of interactions.

21 Jul '17

Thanks - offpn leave for a week but will do when I return

8 Aug '17

Hi @Ruth,

In the Resource Management SIG, we have discussed the invoicing workflow, and recognized the need for a connection between the library acquisitions app and the university’s payment system. Some libraries even get voucher numbers back from their university system and post those to the acquisitions app. I believe this is what you would like?