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Integrating with existing ILL system or network

15 Jul '17

17 Jul '17

There have been some discussions about this in the Consortium SIG, but the work is preliminary at this point. There has been interest about all sorts of collaborative mechanisms: collaboration between library tenants on the same FOLIO system, collaboration between FOLIO systems, integration with ILL systems, and creating consortial functionality.

2 Aug '17

I’ve long been interested in some sort of tiered (sequential?) resource sharing functionality, but it’s the sort of thing which may be better suited to either third-party add-ons or integrated with discovery instead of back end.

Patron makes request in a single spot

  • seek first among local resources
  • seek next among consortium partners
  • seek next among other group(s) of explicit or implicit partners
  • seek next in the world at large

With unmediated or mediated pass-on of requests at each step

9 Aug '17

That makes sense to me, Tania. And ultimately it probably doesn’t matter to the user from where the request is fulfilled. What might matter is only the expected time it would take to fulfill (which gradually gets longer and longer with each step in your list).

9 Aug '17

Ideally I’d love to have something appear in the patron’s master account (discovery, or whatever is integrating with FOLIO to display a patron’s relevant library bits) that shows what they have requested. Could conceivably show status updates there, and patrons could subscribe to some kind of push notification. In order to do that, I’m thinking FOLIO has to know something about a request and its current location / disposition.