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Re-purpose slack channel #valatech17 for ANZ SIG

16 Jul '17

As of this post; there are 19 members in the #valatech17 channel. Everyone is from the ANZ region and I’d like to suggest that we re-purpose the slack channel for the ANZ SIG.

I can rename the channel to anz-sig or something similar.
Any seconds?

17 Jul '17

Sounds good. I’m happy with ANZ SIG

17 Jul '17

Greetings! I think general users on Slack have the ability to do this. It is in the :gear: menu of the Slack channel under the “Additional Options” choice. If not, let me or @Christopher_Spalding know and we can make the change.

17 Jul '17

Thanks @ruth for seconding the motion.

Channel renamed to anz-sig.
Channel name has to be all lower case and no spaces hence the dash.

Thanks for the tip @peter