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Talking about how to talk about _Linked Data_ in FOLIO

17 Jul '17

At a recent Product Council meeting many noted that there was interest in figuring out how FOLIO would operate in a linked data environment. Product Council determined that it was best to “bring this up with Metadata Management SIG to see if they want to do it within their SIG, spin off a working group, or start up a separate SIG.” On the July 13 weekly meeting, the SIG members asked me to create a topic on Discuss to spur discussion.

There seem to be three choices:

  1. Add topic to existing Metadata Management SIG meetings.
  2. Create a working group within the Metadata Management SIG with its own agenda and tasks, and have it occasionally report progress back to the larger MM SIG.
  3. Charter a new SIG and create appropriate liaisons with the MM SIG (and other SIGs as needed).

@peter’s opinion:

I’m not sure trying to tackle this topic in the same time-and-space as the Metadata Management SIG makes sense for two reasons: it is a big topic and it may not be of interest to all MM SIG participants. So that would lead towards a working group or a separate SIG. A working group makes sense to me. Although the topic is big, I don’t know if it is big enough (yet) to create another SIG (because having a SIG does create some overhead). The topic is likely of interest to most people in the Metadata Management SIG. A “working group” of the MM SIG gives enough structure for people who are only interested in Linked Data in FOLIO to participate without having to be in the middle of the other MM SIG work.

Other thoughts?

18 Jul '17

HI Peter-
I agree that a working group approach makes the most sense. It may be that s full SIG evolves out of the working group at some point, but for now, a WG of the MM SIG seems like a good starting point, and a good fit for the MM SIG area of interest…

It would be great if we could get someone(s) from the MM SIG to lead the Linked Data working group. We could set aside a portion of time at every MM SIG meeting (if needed) for an update from the working group.

Peter, do you know if any other groups have discussed Linked Data concepts at all? Do we have a developer who is particularly interested in implementing linked data? It might be helpful to have her/him looped into the WG.


19 Jul '17

Hi @Lynn_W,
Linked data has been mentioned at different occasions in the RM SIG.
Best Charlotte

20 Jul '17

Yes, getting someone from the MM SIG to lead the linked data working group makes sense, as does setting aside some time each meeting for an update on the activities of the working group. Most of the interest in linked data has come from the MM-related community, although as Charlotte mentioned there has been some discussion within RM. I think it makes sense to center this working group within MM and invite people from other SIGs to join the working group.

20 Jul '17

Sounds like a plan. I’ll bring it up at the MM SIG meeting today - if there are no strong objections, I’ll follow up with an email call for a MM SIG ‘volunteer’ to lead the working group.

9 Aug '17

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9 Aug '17

In the absence of anyone volunteering to lead this linked data working group, I’ll get it started. If someone emerges from the participants to lead, I’ll step aside to a participant role. I’ll also make contacts with the Resource Management SIG; I split off a new topic of replies from this topic on the use of open linked data for resource management so there is clearly some interest there.

8 Sep '17

Hi Peter, has the new working group already started? I didn’t here of it again (but I didn’t participate in any SIG meetings, so maybe there was some news?).
I’d be very sorry to miss the start, for we are very interested in taking part in the discussion.

14 Nov '17

Just to follow-up on the Linked Data SIG status. We haven’t had a chance to get this started in the fall (northern hemisphere), and I don’t think we’ll have a chance to before the end of the calendar year. We will get the Linked Data SIG started next year. Thanks for your patience.