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Tenants and users

20 Jul '17


currently I am trying to understand FOLIO’s user management, especially the relation between tenants and users.

I know that there are users with defined permissions. I am able to handle the permissions by definig them in my PostgreSQL backend database (tables diku_permissions_module.permissions and diku_permissions_module.permissions_users).

Now I am wondering how the relationship between users and tenants looks like. I know that I can register tenants and enable modules for a tenant by calling Okapi’s proxy service (http://localhost:9130/_/proxy/tenants/...).

But how does the relationship between users and tenants look like (conceptually as well as technically)? Is there a relationship? If yes, how can I manage this relationship? Am I able to manage multipe tenants in one FOLIO installation? Does someone knows an answer or can provide some details?

Thanks in advance,