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Adding SIG membership to Wiki user profile and dynamically generating SIG member lists

20 Jul '17

Over the past couple of months I’ve been looking at options in the wiki software to dynamically generate the list of functional experts and designers/developers that are associated with a special interest group. I think I’ve found a wiki plug-in that will do this, and I’ve set up a prototype on the newly formed Accessibility SIG home page.

To be included in the dynamic lists, edit your user profile (https://wiki.folio.org/users/editmyprofile.action), select whether you are a functional expert or a designer/developer, and check the boxes for the SIGs you are a member of.


  1. Is there other information we should capture on the user profile page? What is there now is affiliation, job title, phone number, and web page.
  2. Is there other information we should display on the SIG page?
26 Jul '17

I like it! I updated my profile. I can’t think of anything else I’d want to add, and I like that people can check their SIGs at their profile page and then be automatically added to page without having to do further work.

One question: I think I came up with the Functional Expert vs. Designer/Developer dichotomy because the RM SIG had some many individuals, I thought it would be helpful to break it down that way. Is that still useful? Do we need another category like “Project Administration”?