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Update FOLIO Metadata Records

24 Jul '17

Following Ann-Marie’s chat question from the July 13 MM SIG:

From Ann-Marie Breaux to Everyone: 01:04 PM
[…] Hopefully updates in source metadata would trigger some sort of automatic upates to the Codex representation of that thing. It seems like more discussion is needed about updating metadata in general - when that source metadata is stored locally, when the source metadata is external and can be updated by users, and when the source metadata is exterbal and cannot be updated by users.

Any change made to the source metadata should be automatically updated into FOLIO. So, for instance, if there is a new subject heading added in the source record, this value has to be transferred into the Codex. The source record ID is stored in the Codex so this linkage should be possible. How can this update process be achieved?