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FOLIO Forum on the Codex: Wednesday, August 16 at 11am eastern U.S. time

15 Aug '17

As a platform for library-centric apps, FOLIO’s approach to metadata involves creating a generalized view of the various types of records (bibliographic, holdings, authority, patrons, etc.) that all FOLIO apps must understand while retaining the detailed records for apps that can understand and make use of that detail. For instance, the app that checks in and checks out physical books does not need to understand the precise nature of the MARC 245 indicators and subfields; it just needs a title to display on the screen to confirm to the operator that the item at hand is the item being checked out. Likewise, an app that counts the usage of a particular thesis does not need to understand the metadata elements that distinguishes a thesis advisor from the degree candidate. This subset of metadata is being called the FOLIO Codex.

The recording of the Forum is available in the Open Library Foundation YouTube channel:

FOLIO Codex Intro - Google Slides from Kristen Wilson
Codex Data Objects & Metadata fields - Google Slides from Lynn Whittenberger

15 Aug '17

If you are interested in reading more of the discussion about the FOLIO Codex before the Forum, the relevant topics have now been tagged with ‘codex’: https://discuss.folio.org/tags/codex?order=views

16 Aug '17

I’ve added a link to the recording of the Forum on YouTube to the first post in this topic. The recording URL is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLSGm_MYIX0

17 Aug '17

The full Open Library Foundation video channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4Vs5mb1qgOXPZgso1LESUw.

18 Aug '17

Links to the presentation slides from Kristen and Lynn are now included in the first post of this topic.