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Special Acquisitions/RM issues during the academic year

1 Sep '17

I was talking with a colleague today, and we were discussing tasks that come up during specific times of the year, especially related to the academic calendar or the fiscal year. Since they may only happen one or two times per year, it may be easy to overlook them. This is an ongoing Discussion topic where we can list those types of tasks. That way, the developers can refer back to ensure that we’re not missing any critical time-sensitive tasks in the various apps. Here’s a few Acquisitions/RM ones to get us started.

Course reserve support: usually the couple months before a term starts - acquiring needed materials, linking to course reserve systems, linking to course management systems

Fiscal year close/rollover: annual, freezing expenditures for the FY, finalizing/reconciling the FY financials, opening the new FY ledgers, funds and allocations

Journals review/renewals: annual, usually in the spring for US libraries; with subscription agent(s), review subscriptions for renewal, cancellation, changes; updates in subscription agent system; corresponding updates in FOLIO bib/order records; process large renewal invoice