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Special User Management Tasks: new school year

1 Sep '17

Ann-Marie Breaux & I were discussing tasks that come up during specific times of the year, especially related to the academic calendar or the fiscal year.

Since these tasks may only happen one or two times, perhaps we can add a continuing agenda item to the User Management SIG discussion. This could be an ongoing Discussion topic and/or SIG members could add them to the Parking Lot list. That way, the developers & the SIG can refer back to ensure that we’re not missing any critical time-sensitive tasks in the various apps & workflows.

I’m assuming many of you participating in the UM SIG are dealing with start of the new school year workflows. Now is a good time to capture them.

14 Sep '17

As a back-end systems management person, I don’t really see any change for the start up of the year. Everything for loading new users and such is automated. To the extent that we have year/semester start-up activities, they’d be handled by the folks we have on the RA-SIG.