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August 31st meeting - inventory documentation

14 Sep '17

I hope it’s OK that I start the discussion about the inventory metadata elements. I worked through the documentation and noticed the following.

The repeatability of some fields does not match Vince’s strawman model. I propose the following changes:

  • alternative title (Codex = instance.altTitle): make it “R” in strawman
  • edition (Codex = instance.version): make it “R” in strawman
  • creator (Codex = instance.creator): should be “NR” in inventory metadata elements (1xx fields are all “NR” in MARC)
  • publisher (Codex = instance.publisher): make it “R” in strawman
  • item Status (Codex = item.itemstatus): make it “R” in strawman
  • creator & contributor: add subfield $0 for linkage with authority record control number

Because the field “language” is repeatable, the values should be mapped not only from MARC 008/35-37, but also from field 041.

I think it might be confusing to transfer the data from the field “date added to FOLIO” to “lastModified” in the codex. Do we need a new field instance.dateAdded in the strawman?

Other thoughts about this?