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Integration with Biblionasium

27 Sep '17

I’ve worked in school libraries that use Destiny but are considering converting to Folio. One reason for hesitation, however, is reluctance to give up their current OPAC’s integration with Biblionasium, a social reading platform that is popular in school libraries.

I contacted developers at Biblionasium, and they are interested in creating a FOLIO extension. I am looking for a connection with FOLIO developers, to start a conversation and to see how they can begin working on integration.

What is the best way for the developers at Biblionasium to begin involvement? Is there a person they should contact?

I’m grateful for any information!

16 Nov '17

Hi Blake. I’m not sure if anyone got back to you privately, and if not I apologize for letting this slip through the cracks. The FOLIO Project is aiming to be an open community, so the Biblionasium developers are welcome to jump in here and ask questions. If they are looking for a particular connection, please offer my name.

I don’t work with school libraries very much, so I had to look up Biblionasium. An interesting service! I’m curious about how it integrates into Destiny and how that integration could be replicated and enhanced in a FOLIO systems.