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Universal navigation, UX iteration 2, English

29 Sep '17

HI all,

We’ve been testing out some different patterns for navigating between records in FOLIO. Attached you will find a prototype with different navigation modes as well as a video going over the different options.

Please add your questions, advice, ideas and examples of cases where any of these modes might be more useful than the others.

The prototype

The video walkthrough

4 Oct '17

Are the vertical and horizontal bars that define the panes adjustable? Can I drag them out to resize?

The degree of control over the screen behaviors is remarkable - a bit overwhelming at first - but I think in practice it will be very useful to be able to save records or displays in a tab or breadcrumb for latter reference.

5 Oct '17

I also appreciate all of the options made available through the universal navigation. I do wonder if with some of the options there is too much choice: leading to breadcrumbs that are actually hierarchical or don’t make sense. It seems like you could end up with circular breadcrumbs too: if you follow an item to an order back to an item. Right now it’s hard to see this because the relationships between the different entities are randomly generated. I have to say, I find that a little disconcerting to be able to say which type of navigation I like.

I am a big fan of tabs. Even in V1, it sounds like there will be a way to open up multiple records using the browser’s tab functionality, even if there isn’t tab functionality built in within the FOLIO app? I think having a method to have multiple content open at once will be important for v1. Boxes provides an interesting alternative, but it seems more hidden to understand what is open. I wonder if you could crash the app by having too many things open and not realizing it?

6 Oct '17

I am a big fan of the context feature. But it might be easier for users who are used to their browsers functionality to just open a new tab within the browser.