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Questions about tutorial

18 Oct '17

Hello folks, I am new to vagrant and so forth the folio. I have been looking at the tutorial FOLIO provided, but got trapped in the first two pages for a long time.

#Clone, Build, and Explore Okapi section
(1) cd $FOLIO_ROOT is making no sense, the previous steps has an "export FOLIO_ROOT=‘pwd’ but it wouldn’t le me cd it

(2) “When using the VirtualBox method, you will need to open a new terminal window on your host computer, change the working directory to the location of the Vagrantfile, and use the vagrant ssh command to connect from the host computer to the guest”. Exactly what does it mean? So I open a new powershell and then add a new box? But it didn’t let me vagrant ssh.

Any video tutorial available for the beginners?


19 Oct '17

I cannot see how those steps can be further clarified. Please start again and be sure to follow the instructions on the front page (i.e. “00: Introduction” page).

If trouble continues then please list the exact steps that you performed, and the responses from the system.