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Spanish interface

24 Oct '17

I would like to participate in the project as translator of the front-end/interface from English to Spanish.

thank you.

Jose Alexander

7 Nov '17

Hi Jose. I apologize for taking so long to get back to you. We don’t have a translation system set up yet – the development teams are still looking at options (https://issues.folio.org/browse/FOLIO-821). When that is set up, I or someone else will definitely be in touch with you. Thanks for volunteering!

29 Nov '18

Hi there,

our team published a FOLIO site in Spanish. FOLIO release is 2


But there are still pending translations within the source code. We are now working on it

Best wishes

29 Nov '18

That’s great! Spanish is one of three languages (along with Arabic and Portuguese) that had all of the strings for the Stripes Foundation modules completed in time for Q4-2018 (“Aster”) release. The deadline for providing translated strings for the apps (for example, “Inventory” and “Users”) is December 10th. I will be creating a task in Lokalise.co for that next week.

29 Nov '18


One more question:

In the ChildInstanceFields.js file some labels are not managed by the translation system. An example:

Label not translated: label=“Child instances”

Label translated: label={${formatMsg({ id: 'ui-inventory.discoverySuppress' })}}

Regarding the json:


"inventory.label": *"Inventario"*,

"resultCount": *"{count, number} {count, plural, one { Record found } other { Records found }}"*,

"item.availability": *"Disponibilidad"*,

"item.availability.itemStatus": *"Estado del artículo"*,

"item.availability.itemStatusDate": *"Fecha de estado del artículo"*,

"item.availability.requests": *"Peticiones"*,

"item.availability.borrower": *"Prestatario"*,

In the case of the Spanish translation, es.json file is used instead of es_ES.json. The es_ES.json file is the one that contains the translations.



29 Nov '18

Yes, this is a known issue STCOR-261. I don’t know if that will ge resolved for the Aster release. If not, we can look at copying es_ES strings to es.json using Lokalise.