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Oct 26th meeting - search app

27 Oct '17

just some of my thoughts about the global search app.

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Instead of having to choose between “collection” and “all data”, you could use a kind of query language to search only specific data/indexes.

So, for example:
if you only want to search in the codex: codex:“climate change”
if you only want to search in orders:: orders:“climate change”

Maybe you know the app “Alfred” for Mac OS, where you can define your own so called file filters. Or does that make no sense from a usability point of view?

31 Oct '17

Hi All- I’m going to hook follow up questions about the Inventory module UX to Felix’s discuss topic. If people have thoughts/comments on the below questions, or additional questions about the Inventory module, please add them to this discuss thread.


Questions Filip had for us regarding the Inventory module he presented on 10/26 are:

Feedback on “middle pane” display:
What data should display? Instance/Holding/Item lines (holdings & item collapsible)
What should the display be like if there are many (100’s) of items attached?

How customizable should the middle pane display be?
Customer just chooses what elements (Instance/Holdings/Item) display by default? Or chooses what data from each element displays (e.g. Title from Instance; Campus & Library & Parking (call#) from Holdings; barcode & availability from Item)

What data should be searchable in the Holdings section within an Instance?

1 Nov '17

@filipjakobsen Filip, you had asked for an example of a situation where we might want to search holding records for a specific string once we are already looking at the correct instance (bibliographic) record. We are part of several print retention programs, where we have agreed to keep certain items for a specified length of time (sometimes, it boils down to pretty much forever) so that at least someone has it. If we have multiple copies or holdings of an item, we will keep the one we are ‘retaining’ in a separate holding that might need periodic updating. If there are a lot of holdings to sort through, a search feature there would be very helpful.

Other scenarios might be searching for provenance data for a rare work. If we have multiple copies of a work, and need to find the one donated by a specific donor, being able to keyword search among the notes fields would help.