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Reporting system architecture – data warehouses and data refineries (recording of SIG presentation, looking for comments)

27 Nov '17

The Reporting SIG met this morning, and for a significant part of the meeting I talked about the architecture of FOLIO and how it intersects with the reporting system requirements. The link below should take you to the start of that portion of the recording:


The recording starts with a version of the technical deep-dive of the FOLIO architecture with a focus on why the architecture is the way it is and how that impacts reporting, the last 25 minutes or so is discussion and observations about how reporting system needs.

We ran out of time during the meeting today to go into questions, so review the recording if you have a chance and post the questions here.

4 Dec '17

Peter, great presentation! I forwarded this on to a few others because I also thought your preamble from the 10-30 minute marks was an excellent system architecture refresher with real library transaction use cases, which microservices get hit, how they work in concert together, etc. The directional thinking on reporting was very interesting and seems right on to me. Thanks for the post. -Ron

5 Dec '17

Peter, this was a great presentation and I appreciate your willingness to provide this information to the Reporting SIG.

7 Dec '17

Thanks for the comments, everyone. This reinforces what I’ve heard elsewhere, so I’m going to try to carve out some time to make a recording of the presentation that is more concise and thoughtful than this version.