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:shopping: Store, UX iteration 4, English

5 Jan '18

Please note: This video presents our optimal vision for this feature in FOLIO; What you see in this prototype is what we are working towards in the long run, and might not all be present in the first, developed version. Please help us improve it — share your questions, constructive feedback and ideas in the comments below.

Store, UX iteration 3, English

26 Mar '18


I like this a lot, but have a couple of suggestions for the flow of the request:

  1. It would be helpful if the requester would be able to proactively leave a note for the admin at the same time as they submit the request. Admins are likely to have questions about why the user wants this app, especially if a similar one is already installed; best to be proactive on that.

  2. Perhaps there should be a third option for the Admin - not just Approve or Reject, but also Request More Information, which could trigger back-and-forth notes without the big fat NO attached to the conversation. Might also be helpful for a Request More Information function to be able to loop in other users, such as the supervisors of the relevant units, so the conversation can span multiple stakeholders.

  3. Nitpickily, I’d suggest “Decline” instead of “Reject”. I know it’s too soon to settle on wording! But the general theme of my suggestions are “let’s facilitate constructive conversation”, so I think we need a gentler word for “no”.

3 Apr '18

Hello @Heather,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts about Store app!
I like the idea of leaving the note proactively and also be able to loop relevant units or users,
that’s the use case I didn’t think about previously!
And I agree that we need a gentler word for “no” :slight_smile: