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Report 1 Session – feedback, questions?

29 Jan '18

Reporting SIG members:
Today, we went over the notes from the Report 1 Session at the recent Folio Developer’s conference in Madrid. Here is a link to those notes:

Reporting 1 Session Notes

Are there any questions/comments/feedback/follow-ups?

29 Jan '18

not only should the visual presentation of the reports be standardized, the same is true for the APIs that the reports offer to output data (“output as CSV” would be one of it). The APIs should not only have a standard output format (one or more), but also a parametrization used commonly across all FOLIO modules that generate reports. I.e. when called via an URL endpoint the parameters that need to be passed to that endpoint should be similar for all reports called in that way.
This requirement originally came up in the SysOps SIG (called “API consistency”) for the import modules, but I think it should also be imposed for the reporting apps.