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Codex Search app. User feedback on current version (alpha)

8 Feb '18

The Codex Search app, alpha release, has been presented in Madrid (Jan 22, 2018), and planned to be presented for the MM-SIG (Feb. 8), and RM-SIG meeting (Feb. 9).

The initial scope of the Codex Search app has been discussed at two working group meetings, held in June and July 2017, and at the Developers meeting in Montreal: UI for searching both print and e-resources (local and KB).

What we have as the current version - the alpha release (Madrid, January 2018) - is:

  • search across physical and electronic resources
  • through a broadcast search technique
  • queries will be broadcast in parallel to X different sources
  • all of which are required to comply with a common contract (data models and a set of traits)

With the alpha release of the Codex Search app, we now have a platform to test and try out, and for the SIGs to qualify the discussion of usecases, and to investigate the potential of this new app, and to talk more about it’s strengths/weaknesses and how we envision the future use to be. In that conjunction we also would like to talk about how we envision Codex Search to interact with other FOLIO apps like the Inventory app, the individual KBs, e.g. eHoldings app etc.

We plan to make the FOLIO system available for all to get hands on, and play with; but until we have that test environment up and running, I’ll here upload some screendumps of the Codex Search, with a little bit of explanation to each. This is meant to serve as conversation starters for more feedback from all interested parties in the community.


1. The landing page:

2. In the Search and filter pane, you can select the source:

  • Local (only)
  • KB (only)
  • Local and KB

The targeted search will be different depending on which source has been selected:

a) Local (=Inventory app)


b) KB (=eHolding app)


c) Local and KB (both)


3. Example on a search across Local and KB
Search using search criteria: Title and search term: Arctic:

4. Example on a search in Local
Search using search criteria: ID, with exact match on the FOLIO system generated ID

12 Feb '18

HI Charlotte- Has there been any thought about allowing scoped searching within the local inventory & the external knowledge bases? I’m thinking that people might want the flexibility to search ONE specific knowledge base (in the cases when records are acquired from multiple KB’s) - similarly, if an institution has several data flows into a local inventory (or multiple inventories - local catalog; institutional repository; archives& special collections databases) - users might want to just search within one slice of the inventory - or one of the inventories

12 Feb '18

Hi Lynn, thanks for your input :slight_smile:

Yes, support of scoped searching on a single local inventory and/or on a single KB - when we looking ahead have multiple Locals and KBs in Codex Search - will most definitely be something we want to support.

@Kimie_OuYang, UX-designer of the Codex Search app, will provide UX guideline for this (post alpha feature).

/ Charlotte