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“Discuss requirements for Searching and filters”

8 Feb '18


How did we decide to communicate our feedback on requirements for searching and filters? Is that here somewhere? Is it on the Google Doc? If so, where or how on the Google Doc is a good place to respond.

In question:
Feeback on faceting, advanced searching and search options.

9 Feb '18

Hi @lmccoll_lyu

As I recall it we decided that the homework for the MM-SIG would be:

  1. Post comments on the two Discuss post about the Inventory app on User feedback on the current version (alpha), and here following is about Requirements for Searching and filters:


  1. Go over the spreadsheet - Inventory App - beta release - Metadata Elements, Filters, Search and Sort
    a) indicate wether this to be data searched from the primary screen or an advanced search screen
    b) indicate wether to be faceting / filter

I promised to send out an follow-up email to the group with some further instructiions - it’s on the way :slight_smile:

9 Feb '18

Thank you for summarizing things nicely Charlotte!