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Cross functional capabilities with Inventory Item Information?

13 Feb '18

I’m not sure where to pose this question, but since I’m on the MM SIG, I’ll put it here. A colleague and I were wondering if, and if so, how, information from the Inventory Item record could lead to acquisitions information about that item, and circulation information. Often in the library we need to trace back the origins of a purchase, so it is handy in our OLE system to have a link in the item record to the Purchase Order. We also can see circulation information when viewing an item record, and those with permission can go to see who has that item checked out, if it is checked out.

Is this sort of cross-functional “walking” in the works?

Apologies if this is covered elsewhere. Thank you,

Lisa McColl
Lehigh University

1 Mar '18

Hi Lisa,

I see that no one has answered your question yet, so I’ll try. There is recognition that order info and order status needs to be reflected in the Codex and Inventory. The first step of many orders is to check your local system to see if the title is already owned or already on order. I expect that if you’re checking FOLIO, that type of search would start in codex or inventory. If already owned, you would see the call number, circ status and/or link to the electronic resource, based on info coming from the holdings record, item record, and/or KB. If on order, then you would need to see at least some basic order status information. Ideally, you would also have a quick link into the order record details, assuming you have permission to view those details.

We identified this as a need in the codex and inventory displays, and there’s a few folks getting together shortly to ensure we understand the requirements and plan for the appropriate connections. The main people leading that work are @Charlotte_Whitt and @dennisbridges.

Hope that helps,

1 Mar '18

Thank you Ann-Marie! It sounds like the acquistions / inventory connection is being considered. Are the inventory / circ connections being considered as well, do you know? Or @Charlotte_Whitt or @dennisbridges

Thanks again,


1 Mar '18

Hi Lisa, sorry about not getting back to you sooner :slight_smile:

Yes, we are on several tracks working on cross functional capabilities with Item data stored in the Inventory app. Here a quick update on, what I have been involved in lately:

  1. Gathering requirements for item status on availability, condition, order, etc.

  2. Definition of material type - work done by the MM-SIG subgroup on Resource/Format working group (joint MM and RA SIG working group)

  3. Mapping questions from the Data Migration Subgroup

  4. Work done by the RA-SIG subgroup on Loan data - where they have some suggestions on how best to present an items availability in Inventory - here one of the initial wireframes done by @ecboettcher


This list is just what we are working on right now, and I know we have much more to cover :slight_smile:

/ Charlotte