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Pricing Models for Hosted FOLIO?

21 Feb '18

Do we have any idea what the pricing models are going to look like for 3rd-party hosted FOLIO? Will it be based on item records, modules, FTE, etc? I have some ideas about some consortial support options, but the pricing model could make them infeasible if it will be based on item records.

23 Feb '18

Hi Brooks – I paused for a day before answering to see if one of the service providers working hosting options wanted to reply. Index Data is not exploring hosting options at this time, but we are interested in engaging with clients for consulting on local implementations. EBSCO Information Services and Bywater Solutions have said that they intend to offer hosting; there may be others too that will want to self-identify.

As open source software code, there is not a baked-in structure for a pricing model for hosted services. Each service provider can decide how to set up their cost model.

26 Feb '18

And indeed, each hosting provider can set up the scope of their service. We would expect that library networks might consider being hosting service providers, particularly in state institutional situations.

If you would like to discuss further, you can reach out to me offline at mdw233@cornell.edu.

28 Feb '18

@btravis thanks for starting this dialog. FOLIO Services from EBSCO (FSE) is our offering that will include implementation services plus hosting and support. We’ve been building out a robust multi-tenant hosting environment in Amazon Web Services tailored to FOLIO’s microservices architecture including the multiple considerations you’d expect in performance scaling, data security, community code synchronization that includes automated quality testing gates, data services integration, etc.

Pricing model: “Will it be based on item records, modules, FTE, etc” - Most likely some combination of all the above. We’ve committed to implement 3 Beta sites this year. A process that will fully test and refine our hosting and implementation services framework. The intent is to take full advantage of cost efficiencies with open source, modularity, and multi-tenant cloud hosting to offer libraries a lower total cost of ownership and a yearly fee that is meaningfully less than alternative commercial LSPs.