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:label: Tags, UX iteration 1

26 Feb '18

Hi everyone,

Attached you will find first drafts for what we might want to do with a Tags app in FOLIO. The dots with numbers indicate in which order we might want to implement the features, based on discussions on the topic at the recent FOLIO Meetup in Madrid.

If anyone has ideas, thoughts, concerns or questions, feel free to comment on this post.

CC @Ann-Marie, @dennisbridges, @kevinhorek, @cateboerema

26 Feb '18

Thanks Filip. I do like the general look. I am still interested in considering some sort of way from the get-go to categorize the tags, e.g., “fund tags,” “subject tags,” “work tags,” etc. Sort of a way to tag the tags. My concern is that as the list grows quickly, it will become so big as to be unwieldy, but you can limit your use to a subset of tags that make sense for your particular purpose, it would make it easier. Additionally, if you are trying to tag content for a particular project, and you want the tag to have a particular meaning, it’s possible for someone else in another area of the system/part of the library to use the same tag in a different way than you expected. I think being able to categorize the tags would help prevent this from happening (although not eliminate it), as it would give a little context about the tag.

26 Feb '18

Thanks for your comment, Kristin!

In Madrid, we tried to quickly assess what could be done quickly, and agreed that creating a Tags setup with a single taxonomy would be the quickest way to create something that would work across the system.

Further in the future, we can consider having categories for the tags in the Tags App, however, I imagine at that point we might be able to allow for Custom Fields on any record, which could include a custom taxonomy for e.g. Funds.

Notwithstanding the above, might you be able to list some exaples of the taxonomies you can see a need for (you mention “fund tags” and others) and what those would be used for, in your optimal vision of the system?

26 Feb '18

Some ideas for tags:

  • Quick and dirty workflow support (“Needs Review” “Rush request”)
  • Donor codes (these may need a dedicated field, given their importance)
  • Format information (“ebooks” “ejournals” “books” “journals” “streaming video”)
  • Additional format information (e.g., Ebook platforms: “ProQuest” “Oxford” “EBSCO”)
  • Administrative information about the metadata (“OCLC Collection Manager” “Uncataloged” “Cataloging Complete”)
  • Additional granularity within a fund (e.g., History further subdivided by region–I could see this allowing for bigger funds, but then using tags to differentiate at a more granular level without having to allocate at that level)

Hope these help.

29 Mar '18

If tags are going to be available in multiple apps, we’d need the taxonomies to be different. A tag created for acquisitions could be very misleading in circulation and vice versa.

29 Mar '18

Hi Andrea,

For the first version, we will only have one master list of tags across all of FOLIO, but you will be able to create tags using whatever type of taxonomy you want in all of the apps that will support tags. If concern about acq tags overlapping with circ tags or using the same tag in different ways, then the library may decide to have recommendations for how some tags are structured, e.g. acq-do-today vs. circ-do-today. Note that since the tag will be in separate apps, having one tag that says do-today, and just looking for it in a circ app or an acq app may suffice. If I’m working as a circ librarian, I probably won’t be poking around in acq too often or may not even have permission to view much in acq. Tags are meant to be very lightweight and simple, without a lot of structure or restrictions on how they are used.

Hope this helps.

17 Feb '19

Lorem ipsum tags? Why?
The attachment is hard to read. Could you upload it with a different font (arial)? Thanks.

18 Feb '19

Hi Bartolomiej,

This post is almost a year old. Tags are live in the Users app now. I would recommend that you review the tags functionality associated with individual user records, and then please let me know if any questions. I would be happy to help with any bits that you might have questions about. Thank you!