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Inventory Search

7 Mar '18

My coworker and I had a few questions about the Inventory search. It looks like there will be a drop-down menu for all of the basic search criteria we discussed, but it sounded like a lot of people in the group wanted to be able to search by more than one criteria at a time (publication date and title for example). In that situation would we have to perform a basic search with all of those criteria included, Title:arctic; publication date: 1972, or would you have to do an advanced search?

Also, early in the FOLIO project we had some discussions with Filip about wanting to have the ability to take actions on search result sets. For example, a set of item records with a particular location should be able to be identified by a search, and then, the user should have the ability to change the location for those particular items. Often searches result sets will need batch actions taken on them, such as edits or exports. These edits could be at the Inventory level, the holdings, or the item, or all. In the version of FOLIO that we were viewing, you can see the result of these discussions with Filip in the “Action” menu that displayed. However, our discussion concerning the Inventory search indicated that this would not be the place for this type of functionality. Since the Inventory search, from our understanding, is only intended to result in inventory records, then this capability won’t be possible. Is there a thought about where this type of functionality will be? Will the cataloging app, @Cult or MarcEdit, or whatever we end up using, be the tool to accomplish these identified needs? If so, will a separate search be available from that app into FOLIO : a search that will lead to a clearly defined set of results and say if the results are bib, holding, or item records? If the Inventory search is envisioned as the tool to handle that type of refined searching, then I think we would need to think about a result set that goes beyond the inventory record.

---- Alice Krim & Lisa McColl