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Introduction to the ‘Questions’ tool on the wiki

13 Mar '18

The product council has been discussing the need for a tool to store and retrieve frequently asked questions about using the FOLIO system. We are going to test a plug-in to the wiki software called “Questions” to see if it meets this need. Below is a six-minute video that introduces the tool:

The Questions tool has distinct functionality that separates it from other tools such as Discuss(dot)folio(dot)org. The voting mechanism built into Questions works well when the topic is something that has a definite right answer. The Questions tool doesn’t work for topics that have more than one answer, such as survey questions, or when a discussion needs to occur, such as figuring out how libraries perform a workflow. The Questions tool is good for a single topic, where a Discuss post can explore open-ended issues.

Try out the questions plugin and let us know if you think it will meet this need.