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Tags Subgroup – Possible Use Cases

27 Mar '18

The Tags subgroup has asked SIGs to review, comment on, and potentially add to the possible use cases listed here.

(Posted on behalf of Simona Tabacaru by Anne Highsmith)Tags - Possible Use Cases.pdf (23.8 KB)

10 Apr '18

Here are some use cases that the Consortia SIG came up with:

  • Retention agreements: identify items that are part of a library’s retention agreements; this could possibly trigger functionality, like a warning message before one of these items gets withdrawn; it would also be a useful way to report on these items (i.e. percentage of collection with retention agreements, shelf list of retained items, etc.)

  • Filtering/faceting/searching/browsing in discovery: tags could be exported or made available via API in discovery to facilitate end-user search & discovery (e.g. items tagged for a particular course, etc.)

  • Cross-tenant functionality: in a consortium implementation, the ability to establish and share a controlled vocabulary across member library tenants could have multiple uses:

    1. Shared workflows: tags to indicate status, library responsible for a certain step, etc.

    2. Shared collections: for collections that are consortially managed/developed, tags could be used to identify items that are part of the collection across tenants (in fact, this seems like it could cover the approach to collections even within a single tenant)

11 Apr '18

Hi David,

Thanks very much for these possible use cases. I’ve added them to the spreadsheet we’re building in the tags subgroup. All of them are possibilities, as far as I can tell. Tags seem especially promising for some of the oddball local info we’ve tried to jam into cataloging records, holdings records, or item records over the years, e.g. things like retention for consortial purposes, or who is the library responsible for a particular item in a shared collection.

At least in the first iteration, we’re not planning to tie functionality like warnings to tags. That would likely be more appropriate for a dedicated field in the item record.

But tags will definitely be a way to experiment and start to think about interesting possibilities that can be followed through via tags or via additional functionality as FOLIO continues to develop.