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:bulb: UX exploration: Pattern - Bulk actions confirmation modal

26 Apr '18

Hello Everyone,

I just documented the pattern for the bulk actions confirmation modal and I would love to have your feedback.

This modal acts as a confirmation window for bulk actions.


It is composed of a header with a close icon on the left and a title in the following format: {Content type} confirmation.

A “summary”, showing which actions were successful versus which ones weren’t, is displayed on the top. The numbers shall be bolded as well as the terms “not” and “successfully”.

All items acted upon are placed in a scrollable table. The first columns shall always show the status of the action with the failures on top. To add visual feedback, failed items shall have a red warning icon + text while successful items shall have a green check + text.

A “Close” button is placed on the lower right.


When a bulk action has been performed, the confirmation modal appears.

All items acted upon are displayed in a scrollable table, allowing users to scroll up and down.

By clicking on an item status message, a tooltip appears to provide more information.

26 Apr '18

First very quick thought is that we’ll need something like this for the batch loader functionality - log showing what loaded fine, what had errors, what kind of errors. It may need to be exportable, or something that you can click through to drill down into the problem record. We’re just starting the batch loader work, so I don’t really have any model in mind, except that we’ll need in-app batch logs/reports like this.

17 Jul '18

I just came across this post :wink:
Looks good, but there are always only a few titles visible at a glance; you then have to scroll. Since it is not unusual for patrons to have >100 loans, a somewhat more compact presentation would be desirable.
Maybe the title can be shortened (e.g. to max. two lines) and with a tooltip you get the complete title?!?

23 Jul '18

@UschiKlute Thank you for this great feedback! We will take this into consideration to avoid too much scrolling.