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:information_source: UX documentation site

3 May '18

Hi everyone,

UX documentation site
Thanks to the hard work of @Stephanie and @rasmuswoelk, you can now access the FOLIO UX documentation on ux.folio.org.

The site is in a perpetual state of change and will grow and develop in time. If you have any ideas or advice on how we should develop the site further, feel free to comment on this issue, or to contact me directly on Slack or email.

1 Feb '19

Is this SIG dedicated for FOLIO Users Guides Documentation ?

If so, I hope that FOLIO user guides will be built online. This is a new trend getting popular in OSS projects, where online contextual help user guides are accessible from a help button to take the user to a page in the user guide provided via a web site.
You can see this happening with the latest Koha ILS 18.11. For example, the following help page appears when you ask Koha for helpful documentation while you are at Koha Circulation module main page:


9 Apr '19

Hi Massoud,

It sounds like you might be referring to something like the “Help” app in FOLIO, a UX prototype of which you can find here: https://ux.folio.org/prototype/en/help?view=full. Short term, the functionality of the Help app is being achieved by utilizing a Confluence setup — @Ann-Marie or @peter can perhaps provide some links or information about the latter.


10 Apr '19

Than you filipjakobsen
Yes. I watched all four episodes
on the ‘Help’ app by Kimie_OuYang
. It is very smart idea, extending the concept of FOLIO as the Platform that is manufactured for Innovations.
@Ann-Marie @peter

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12 Apr '19

There has not yet been any work on developing end-user documentation for FOLIO apps. There has been discussion in the Product Council Executive Committee meeting about needing to find people resources to create at least a style guide for documentation, then figuring out how to divvy up the responsibility for developing the documentation for individual apps. I expect a proposal of some sort will make its way to the Product Council.

15 Apr '19

@Ann-Marie, can you help shed light on how far we got with the end user documentation setup in relation to Data Import? I had understood that we had set up a Confluence structure that we use to link to from within FOLIO as a quick way to get a “help” style function up and running.