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UX redesign of the Inventory. Review of the Instance record

28 May '18

The Metadata Management SIG are working these days on updating Inventory looking towards the beta release. This work is done in dialogue with UX-designer Kimie Ou-Yang. We have been re-ordering the display of data elements in detailed view of the Instance record (which is the bibliographic record), while implementing new elements in the Instance Record identified by MM-SIG. This work is an iterative process in dialogue with the Data Migration Subgroup, Resource Access SIG, PO’s from other domains, The first implementers libraries etc.

The work we did at WOLFcon, and these past weeks working on UX wire frames is now ready to be presented and to get feedback from the community.

Some of the changes/updates are:

  1. The Instance record is divided into sections, by using accordions (which are collapsable):
  • Administrative data
  • Title data
  • Identifier
  • Contributor
  • Descriptive data
  • Subject
  • Links
  • Classification
  1. When expanding the ‘Record last updated’ you’ll see, who did the last update, and when the record was created, and who created the record.

  2. Two new button’s in the top of the record:

  • ‘View source record’. When clicking on the ‘View source record’ you’ll see the record in the Generic bib storage. * * ‘Edit MARC record’. When clicking on this button, you’ll get a direct link to the record in the MARC editor called MARCcat (also known as WeCat from the Italian company @Cult), and you’ll be right in the edit mode here.
    We have been discussing whether these two buttons also should be repeated at the end of the instance record.
  1. Compared with the FOLIO alpha release (January 2018) then following new data elements are added. E.g.:
  • Suppress in discovery
  • Staff suppress
  • Previously held
  • Mode of Issuance
  • Human readable ID
  • Role of Publisher
  1. Elements which are going to be extremely long will be shorten, and then you can click on the horisontal button, e.g. for Notes - it will say ‘Click all notes’, and then you’ll get the full description.

I here add two versions of the Instance record, in the right pane - one with collapsed data (a), and one with all data viewable (b). In order to view the full wireframe, which is a very long .png file, then click on the black bar shown right under each of the uploaded screen dumps:

a) with collapsed data

b) with all data viewable

Later this week we’re planning on also having the refined UX work on the holdings record, and the item record ready for review and feedback in separate posts here on Discuss.

Thanks for all comments, changes, and suggestions.

Best Kimie and Charlotte