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Acquisitions Hardcoded List Values

3 Jul '18

There are a number of field values within acquisitions that will need to be hardcoded. In future builds we will be making as many of these list as possible configurable by the user. However, in the meantime we are hoping to reach a reasonable consensus In the document linked here as to what the included values should be. Please take a look at the document and explore the hardcoded list values in the various acquisitions modules. Feel free to suggest new values and leave comments. Only three of the modules are currently listed Vendor, Orders and Finances.

Google Document:

25 Jul '18

I understand there is a question about the idea of “leased” as a PO_Order_Type. The use case Susan and I are thinking about is streaming video, which are like a one-time purchase, in that you pay for it once and there is no expectation of paying annually, but also like a subscription in that you pay for a specified period of time, generally 1 to 3 years, and then the whole thing expires. We have not been treating them as subscriptions here so far, but it’s a relatively new format and model. It’s also not like a journal subscription in that if you lease the title again, it’s a payment for the identical content for another block of time, as opposed to paying for a new year’s worth of content.

We would be okay with this being covered under acquisition_method as opposed to PO_Order_Type, and would probably code these as one-time in that case, which would mean creating a new PO should we choose to lease again in the future.