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:bulb: UX exploration: App types - Helper app

23 Jul '18

Hello Everyone,

I just documented a new app type called Helper app and I would love to have your feedback.

Helper apps are applications that appear as an addition to any apps.
They shall be located on the right side of a pane header to add specific features to it.
(Below is a screenshot of the Users app screen with 3 helpers apps added to Rosalyn Roman record pane).


The number of helper apps icon visible shall be set by the user.
A down arrow hides/shows the entire helper apps list associated with a pane.
Be aware: It is the user (and not the app developer) who choose which helper apps shall be used/displayed.

When users click on a helper app icon, the app opens in a new pane on the right side of the screen (see screenshot below). Only one helper app can be visible at a time. If users select another helper app, the new pane shall replace the one already open.