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INN-REACH Integration

21 Aug '18

Has anyone from FOLIO project reached out to Innovative Interfaces Inc. about adding support for their new third-party INN-REACH APIs to FOLIO?

29 Aug '18

We talked about this in the Consortia SIG briefly last week. INN-REACH had previously been identified by the SIG as a system that needs to work with FOLIO (or, FOLIO needs to work with it). The Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries (CARL) is particularly interested in it as they rely on it for consortial resource sharing and some of their member libraries are interested in implementing FOLIO. As far as the SIG is aware, nobody from the FOLIO project has reached out to III yet.

I have seen some of the information about the Direct to INN-REACH API. This might be a nice area for a community development effort for those libraries/consortia that rely on INN-REACH. Or, III themselves may be interested in doing/participating in the development.

29 Aug '18

I agree. However, Innovative requires the project to sign a development agreement before they are given access to begin developing the integrations.

1 Jul '19

I know that this topic was discussed almost a year ago, but the INN-Reach API has now been developed and ByWaters has been testing it with Koha. So at least one outside vendor is pretty close to developing to it. None of the Prospector libraries has decided to implement FOLIO to the best of my knowledge, but we definitely need to stay in the loop on this. At this point, has anyone from FOLIO reached out to III about writing to the INN-Reach API?

15 Oct '19

Has there been any further discussion on this or communication with ByWater about their experience integrating INN-REACH with Koha?