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Management of closed storage rooms

27 Aug '18

I wonder if the management of various closed storage rooms could be a part of FOLIO (aka defining printers, opening hours, transport stations and even statistics here). Those who know the LBS software from OCLC will know what I mean. It’s still needed in this millenium as we have a lot of media in very different storage rooms only available via a request from the online catalogue.

27 Aug '18

Cool idea. It seems like something that could possibly be done with a separate app that associates metadata with certain locations.

I wonder if there’s any useful overlap between the management of closed storage room and offsite storage facilities?

28 Aug '18

This seems like a question for Resource Access. I would bring it up with @andrealoigman to see if it has been discussed or where it should be discussed.

18 Oct '18

Sorry, I just spotted this, but the good news is that in a sense this is already in the works. As the RA SIG has spec’d it, each location is tied to a primary service point (and secondary service points if desired), and there isn’t a limit to the number of service point or locations in a FOLIO implementation.

So any location that you want to designate can:

  1. have rules for how it’s materials behave (circulating, in house use only, etc.)
  2. be associated with anything designated as a service point for default pick-up or or return.

Pull slips/pull messages (to tell someone on staff to go get a thing) should be associated with the primary service point connected to a location. @dbranchini would know best where that last piece is currently in the development cycle.

Does this help?

Apologies for the VERY delayed reply.