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A little summary of my topics so far

8 Nov '18

Dear Community,

Still a newbie I’m not shure if it’s better to look at issues.folio.org or wiki.folio.org or discuss.folio.org to see what is really happening at/in FOLIO (RA). I think I should
analyse what the German community created and look at their ressources too :slight_smile:

Be that as it may - I’m doing a little summary of my requests so far:

  1. I think we need a way to do some cataloguing of special materials like electronic hardware, umbrellas, keys, bagpacks and so on. We need these entries only for loan and have to exclude them from the main catalogue to keep the thesaurus clean. It would be good if this cataloguing can be done directly in RA.

Andrea wrote: “I’m assuming (because it’s pretty basic) that FOLIO will have some kind of indicator to let our discovery layers know when something is to be suppressed from display and we’re already working on ‘Fast Add’ as a way to allow brief record creation by non-experts.”

I’m o.k. with that. Sounds really great :slight_smile:

  1. Ressource Access should be open for external software (for example the software of a media transport machine or MTA which is not directly part of the circulation system).

Peter wrote: “To the best of my knowledge, no one is working on an app for FOLIO that
meets the needs you describe. The application programming interfaces (APIs) for FOLIO are publicly published on dev.folio.org, and it should be possible for a software development team to build the kind of interaction you are seeking.”

(The software of our MTA definitely needs some location information from
RA - for example “SRA: Storage Room A, natural sciences” which I have to
include here. It’s not so much about our MTA looking at RA but more like that:
the systems librarian needs something to feed the MTA) :wink:

I think FOLIO RA will deliver what is needed here. This could be the shelving location (or a code for the shelving location) and of course the item status (we have a separate bin for “Not on loan return” or “Requested” items as well). I’m o.k. with that too :slight_smile:

  1. Some administrative tools should be included directly in RA. For example a quick and easy way to change printers and transport stations of media or shelving locations.

(Second thought: probably we can live without it in RA. As long as a possible … well … general administrative (RA) application can be used very quickly in the case of a technical problem everything is fine)

Hope you understand what I mean :slight_smile:

Kind regards (and sorry for my insistence),