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Meeting Minutes 2016-09-14

14 Sep '16

Charlotte led the group in a discussion about the working Functional Matrix FOLIO spreadsheet, which is a first attempt to define and rate which elements are foundational for the first instance FOLIO. In particular, the following additions to the spreadsheet, made by members of the group, were examined.

  • Row 163 Acquisitions/General: Delete acquisitions data - Everyone agreed with Charlotte’s suggestions that this is covered, with minor adjustments by ID424, ID521, ID438, ID442, and ID454

  • Row 164 Acquisitions/General: Support international acquisitions - Jesse pointed out the usefulness of having a point in FOLIO that a currency conversion tool could be plugged in. Mike agreed and added that current and historic conversion rates may be needed. Linking to an external site would help ensure richer functionality. The group concluded that this should be kept as a separate entry to make sure this case is covered.

  • Row 165 Acquisitions/General: Batch import electronic order records - Jesse gave a use case to support keeping this as a separate line item. Cornell’s selectors use a tool that gathers records, converts them into a file that Voyager ingests batches nightly. Mike agreed that this should line should be kept especially since orders were not mentioned in the uses cases referenced in the spreadsheet.

  • Row 166 Acquisitions/General: Edit existing order records - Jesse pointed out the ID442 covers this well, but added that a note regarding security levels for this area of the system could be added. David agreed. Charlotte will add a note to the description of ID442 to cover this aspect.

  • Row 167 Acquisitions/General: Ordering - Everyone agreed that this could be moved to ID442. Lisa added that it would be nice to add a note to ensure that vestiges of the PO would not haunt the bib/holding/or item record that is being left.

  • Row 168 Acquisitions/General: Ordering - The group agreed that this should be kept as a separate reminder to the Resource Management (RM) group.

  • Row 169 Acquisitions/General: Receiving without ordering - Jesse thought this aspect, managing non-financial transactions, could fall into the purview of the RM group, depending on their charge. Charlotte said she would add this to the Functional Matrix as an added entry.

  • Row 170-176 Acquisitions/General: Serials - Group agreed that serials is not in the purview of this group, but will be part of the RM group.

  • Row 178 Cataloging/Catalogue Enrichment: Lisa questioned whether the point of this entry was to provide links to users or to pull data into the catalog from external sources based on links. Mike suggested this be divided into to entries, one for each notion suggested in the description.

  • Row 179 Cataloging/Cataloging rules: Lisa ask what is intended by support for RDA. Maria agreed to write a more detailed description of this request for the group.

  • Row 180 Cataloging/Data format: Everyone agreed this should be kept.

  • Row 181 Cataloging/Data Management: Charlotte will add “automated” aspect to ID#s referenced.

  • Row 182 Cataloging/General: Analytics - The group agreed this should be kept. David emphasized the benefit OLE has given to Chicago in enabling multiple bib records to link to the same item.

Mike asked the group if some or the rest of the rows to be covered, rows 183 to 213, could in part be discussed asynchronously prior to the next meeting. David pointed out the value that discussion gives to helping the group gain a common understanding of the elements of the matrix. The group agreed. The goal is to finish this list in the next meeting.

Charlotte invited Andrea and anyone at Duke University who wants to, to contribute any comments to the Functional Matrix that they have.

Charlotte reported that Filip finished his delivery for August. Future talks on the UX/UI will include loan rules, permissions, and specific areas of cataloging. Mike mentioned that as the work moves to a more detailed level, they will be looking for ways to employ the Subject Matter Experts (SME) teams. Charlotte and Filip are working on a list of proposed specific topics for the next UX/UI discussion.

14 Sep '16

Can you provide a link to the document in the meeting minutes?

20 Sep '16

@kmarti - here the link to the Functional Matrix document https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1cCoosiDky3WAXeSR5ngC1Kb_Ujnl-3lafFRC5dfVS4s/edit?usp=sharing