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Defining a “Related Invoices” accordion for Purchase Orders and Purchase Order Lines

18 Jan '19

The RM SIG and acquisitions development teams have identified a desire to present related invoice date on purchase order forms for quick reference. This would allow the user to quickly see what invoices have been associated with a given purchase order and even provide a link to get directly to those invoice records for additional details. We would like to open discussion regarding two specific elements of this feature:

  1. What data elements would you like to see presented at the Purchase Order level? Keeping in mind for some this would be displaying multiple invoices that relate to multiple Purchase Order Lines and thus multiple titles.
  2. What data elements would you like to see presented at the Purchase Order LINE level?

The following screenshots demonstrate what we have currently defined for each level.

Purchase Order:

Purchase Order Line:

18 Jan '19

As we discussed on the RM SIG call this morning, for ongoing orders that have a defined term, it would be useful to see the term start and end dates at the POL level for each relevant line item.

For those institutions frequently billed in different currencies than what they pay in, it may also be useful to have both the amount and currency type on the invoice along with the actual local amount spent.

I’ll ask some other acquisitions folks at DUL to consider this question and provide any additional feedback I receive from them, as well.

23 Jan '19

I would be interested to understand how much or how little invoice info folks think is needed at the summary (PO) level versus at the detail (PO Line) level.

If you’re using single line POs, it’s not really a big deal. If you’re using multi-line POs, especially if you have a lot of lines within the same PO, the invoice summary info could get pretty unwieldy. My take is that we should keep the summary/PO level pretty streamlined, in favor of seeing more invoice detail at the PO Line level or by clicking the invoice hotlink and going into the actual invoice details.

25 Jan '19

One additional piece of information that would be useful at the POL level is the fund code that the payment was made on.