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Renamed the “vendor” app to “organizations” app, and the consequences for translators

16 Apr '19

Dear translators,

The development team behind the Electronic Resource Management (ERM) app asked to rename the “Vendors” app to the “Organizations” app. This is the first time that we attempted renaming of a module, and it had some unanticipated side effects. Those are:

  1. If a string for the Vendors app did not have a translation, the English translation was automatically assigned. Simply replace the English translation with the native language translation.
  2. If a string for the Vendors app did have a translation, that translation was copied to the Organizations app, but it has been marked as “Unverified” in the Lokalise user interface. In some cases, the strings changed. (For instance, what was once “Vendor settings” is now “Organizations settings”.)

I think we know how to address the second side effect so that it doesn’t happen again. I am reviewing options for the first side effect as well.

To help you address this, I have created a task in Lokalise that identifies the keys to be reviewed:

2 May '19

The second half of this renaming is now complete: what was ui-organization (the singular form of “organization” – not to be confused with “ui-organizations” that was the first half of the renaming task) is now ui-tenant-settings. The renaming of the module went much better this time. I believe the two problems described in the message about the renaming of ui-vendors to ui-organizations didn’t happen this time. If you see anything unusual, please let me know.

2 May '19

Yay! Thank you for working on this, Peter