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Updating translation files in running systems

14 May '19

These questions and comments were posted to the text chat system built into Lokalise. That does not seem like a good method for an in-depth discussion, so I am posting them here with replies.

The local hosting team seems having some problem when trying to update the translation file or properties. They said the files were in the stripe ui mod,the complex relationship between front and back end made the job much harder. So is there a tutorial about what your people do?

I think part of the complexity you are experiencing is because FOLIO is a platform that has apps running in it. So rather than there being one place where translations are done, the translations are stored in the platform (the “stripes” modules) and the apps themselves (the “ui” modules). The Stripes modules are part of the platform, and the apps make use of the features offered by the platform. The UI modules are the library specific functions in the apps. (There are no translation files in the backend modules – the “Okapi” modules.)

In Lokalise, all of the Stripes modules and the UI modules appear as if they are a single project – there is no distinction. (This is why sometimes you see the same word that needs to be translated many times. The developers are working to eliminate that issue.) You can see where a string comes from if you are in multilingual mode in Lokalise:

The translations happen in a three-step process:

  1. Developers add new translation keys (“findOrganization.findOrganizationByIdButton”) and English strings (“Enter”) to the source code. These keys and strings are automatically added to Lokalise.
  2. Translators add strings for their languages (marked “Empty” in this example).
  3. Approximately every other day I run a program that copies the strings for all of the languages into the source code.

The updated translation files are now in the source code modules. Every few weeks the developers release a new version of a module with new functionality, bug fixes, and the updated translations. (Announcements about those releases are made on the “#Releases” channel on FOLIO Slack.)

Your hosting team can wait until those releases are made, and then update the Stripes and Okapi configuration files to match. Or they can build their own releases of the Stripes and Okapi modules.

I hope this helps. Please ask other questions here rather than on the Lokalise chat system. I think it will be easier to read here.

15 May '19

Thank you so much,Peter.
I do hope this will help our hosting team.