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Meeting Minutes 2016-09-21

22 Sep '16

Functional Matrix Review Group and UX Support
Meeting: September 21, 2016, 10:00 AM EDT

  1. Nominate a minute taker
  2. Nominate a reporter to the OLE PC
  3. Walk through of the Functional Matrix (continued)
  • The added use cases (the entries written in red) row #183-213
  • Evaluate the ratings
  • Discuss the suggestions in column ‘l’, ID - blue text
  1. AOB

Attending: Charlotte Whitt (chairing), Eric Hartnett, Jack Hill, David Larsen, Lisa McColl, Maike Osters, Maria Grzeschnick, Michael Winkler
Minute taker: David Larsen. We still need to identify a regular reporter for the Product Council.
Meeting times need to be scheduled well in advance in order to avoid conflicts. We’ll alternate times every other week between 10 and 11 eastern so that we can avoid conflicts with FOLIO community forum presentations. Charlotte will send recurring meeting invitations.
The group continued to work through the suggested additions to the Functional Matrix document (Functional Matrix FOLIO-15.xlsx), beginning with row 183.

  • Row 183: Authorities. We will incorporate into ID539.
  • Row 184: Copying bibliographic holdings/ item records. We agreed to add this as a new requirement.
  • Row 185: Create relationships between bibliographic records. Charlotte will bring this need forward to the ID architect (Jakub).
  • Row 186: Edit fixed and variable fields. Believe that existence of MARC editor covers this (ID535).
  • Row 187: Global update of bibliographic holdings and item records. Agreed to keep this as a new requirement. Question: will these types of things be covered within system or be done in 3rd-party systems? We need to recognize that we often do cataloging in other systems (e.g., OCLC Connection) and receive high-quality records from other sources, but we still need a bib editing tool in the system.
  • Row 188: Merge bibliographic/holdings/item records. Agreed to keep.
  • Row 189: Print bibliographic/ holdings/item records. Suggestion: should be more general; everything in system needs to be printed. Will take this row out as a separate requirement. Will incorporate into existing requirements that discuss printing and talk with Filip and developers about need to print from all contexts/activities within FOLIO.
  • Row 190: Search/Browse. IndexData: searching in the staff-side ILS is a given. Will move the description into other IDs that discuss searching.
  • Rows 191-192: Transfer holdings/item records. Suggestion: add “transfer” to ID538 (which is itself being merged), ID557. Alternatively, consider merging with row 188. Remember that merging and transferring are different operations. They should not be confused or conflated. Charlotte will look at the all the rows and see what can be collapsed. She will ask Lisa McColl to review her suggestions.
  • Row 193: No restriction on number of items per bibliographic record. Agreed to keep.
  • Row 194: Link checker. IndexData: probably will be a separate API/app. Will refer to resource management group for discussion.
  • Row 195: Duplicates “linked data” requirement. Will merge description into existing requirement.
  • Row 196: ID537 already addresses boundwiths. Concern about suggestion that “boundwith items are automatically loaned to the same user”; don’t want to create multiple loan records. Maria will provide further description about intent.
  • Row 197: Preliminary cataloging (i.e., creating brief cataloging records). Agreed that this is already part of cataloging requirements.
  • Row 198: Delete or modify record data on import. Covered by ID545-bibliographic record rejection and reporting. Also by ID548, part of creating ID544, ID546, ID547, ID550, ID555, ID551. Again this issue needs to recognize that much cataloging is done in other systems.
  • Row 199: Protect data fields on overwrite. ID548, part of creating ID544, ID546, ID547, ID550,ID555,ID551. Group felt this was really a separate issue and should be considered distinct. However, there were concerns expressed about problems created by protected fields. Lisa McColl will write up a more extended statement of need.
  • Row 200: Syncing bibliographic records. Agreed to handled later, via API.
  • Row 201: APIs for shared cataloguing, usage of external databases. Will refer to resource management group for discussion.
  • Row 202: Circulation overdues and replacements. Covered by ID467? Perhaps not. We need to not just charge fines for items that have been returned but also replacement fees for items that have not been returned.
  • Row 203: Manual creation of fines/fees. Will keep as a separate entry.
  • Row 204: Create refunds. Will move description into ID474 and ID476. May need further discussion about credits.The group agreed to continue working through the list of suggested additions on our next call.

The group agreed to continue working through the list of suggested additions on our next call.