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FOLIO Forum – Inventory Update

25 Sep '18

September 26, 2018

The Inventory app is the hub for metadata management in FOLIO. Designed with a post-MARC / BIBFRAME cataloging environment in mind, the Inventory app acts as an abstraction layer, providing a uniform representation of bibliographic, holdings, and item data regardless of format (e.g., MARC / BIBFRAME).

Join Metadata Management SIG members Christie Thomas (University of Chicago) and Laura Wright (University of Colorado Boulder) with Product Owner Charlotte Whitt (Index Data) for an introduction to Inventory. In this presentation we will outline the overarching structure of the Inventory records; discuss how Inventory will integrate with other FOLIO apps and allow for the management of the format-specific MARC metadata; and demonstrate searching, viewing, creating, and editing records in the latest version of FOLIO.


  • Christie Thomas, University of Chicago
  • Laura Wright, University of Colorado Boulder
  • Charlotte Whitt, Index Data