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FOLIO Forum – The Community Outreach SIG

22 Jan '19

January 23, 2019

The Community Outreach SIG aims to keep the community informed of news and events and encourage community engagement in the project. The SIG maintains communication channels, including FOLIO.org, the @FOLIO_LSP Twitter site, a community newsletter, the blog and the public calendar. The SIG also oversees the Forum Facilitators group, which manages FOLIO Forums, maintains a conference and meetup calendar and helps facilitate coordination, submission and tracking of topics.

As the community has grown, the Outreach SIG needs the community to help to monitor and track events. This forum will teach the community processes around submitting for a conference, hosting a meetup and where to find available community resources. The forum will also provide a walk-through of the new website. Questions are enthusiastically encouraged.


  • Rachel Fadlon, EBSCO
  • Ginny Boyer, Open Library Environment (OLE)
  • Jana Maria Agne, GBV
  • Kate Waldron, EBSCO
  • Carolyn Morris, Bibliolabs