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Seeking input on a FOLIO Community Code of Conduct

5 Sep '19

Strong communities need a code of conduct that reflects the desires of the community. A draft FOLIO Code of Conduct is ready for review by the community to ensure it best reflects our desires to be an open and welcoming place. We need two things to make this happen:

Volunteers for a short-term group to complete the draft

The code of conduct draft is based on the work of the Islandora and Code4Lib communities. That work represents some of the most thoughtful code of conduct statements and policy to date, and now we need to “make it our own” by adapting it to the FOLIO Community. Five or six people are needed for a few months to gather ideas and comments from the community to finalize the document. These people have volunteered so far:

  • @sekjal
  • @swilesyoung
  • @Christopher_Spalding
  • Jenn Colt
  • Erin Stalberg

…and I have volunteered to convene the group. Please let me know if you are interested in volunteering.

Seeking comments on the draft code of conduct

Contact one of the people named above with ideas and comments on the draft, or post your comments in this thread. We have already heard that the document is quite long now, and so the policy and procedure parts are likely to be broken up into separate pages on the wiki.

The completed version of the Code of Conduct will be posted on the wiki, and there will be a call for Community Support Volunteers later this year. The Code of Conduct and the first group of Community Support Volunteers will be introduced during the first FOLIO session at next year’s WOLFcon meeting.

Thanks for making the FOLIO Community a welcoming place.