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FOLIO Forum – Updates on FOLIO User Experience Design and Accessibility

9 Sep '19

September 18, 2019


Core to the FOLIO development process has been the focus on the design of the user experience. One of the earliest FOLIO Forums was a presentation by Filip Jakobsen, founder of Samhæng and the lead user experience designer of FOLIO, on the user interface and user experience principles. Three years later, he reflects on how the design process has changed and adapted to the needs of the community as well as a process change for implementing design changes across apps. Filip also introduces the thinking behind recent global changes to the FOLIO user interface widgets:

  • Top toolbar
  • MCL column width
  • Scannability of results list
  • Scannability of detail record
  • Expand/collapse Search & Filter pane

Along with these visible changes, the Accessibility Special Interest Group has been working on testing the FOLIO user interface components for use through alternative means of input and output. Beth German from Texas A&M University discusses the accessibility testing and the current state of accessible access to FOLIO.


  • Filip Jakobsen, founder of Samhæng and the lead user experience designer of FOLIO
  • Beth German, FOLIO Accessibility SIG convener; Service Design Librarian, Texas A&M University
18 Sep '19

Slides from the Accessibility portion of the presentation with active links to documents and other details:
folioForum_accessibility_18sept2019.pptx (1.1 MB)