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how to batch update metadata?

19 Dec '19

In folio,if i want to update some metadatas,for example,change a field value of
all the metadatas from a supplier, how can i do this? maybe i can upload the files with correct field value once again, and override the metadatas in the db. BUT is there any other ways? Can i do some batch update operation on page?


19 Dec '19

There is currently no batch editing/updating functionality within FOLIO. The solution, for the time being, will be to export, update, and reload (sometimes referred to as “ETL” – extract, transform, load). Batch editing, either within existing apps or as a separate app, is definitely desired in the future.

19 Dec '19

@lew235 Is there a Jira ID for batch editing functionality?

19 Dec '19

@btravis https://issues.folio.org/browse/UXPROD-120
the epic is https://issues.folio.org/browse/UXPROD-868 (if you want to see all related features)
you’ll see many of us have ranked this either go-live or can wait up to one quarter
metadata export is prioritized over this, as export enables the proposed workaround as well as being needed for other critical functionality

7 Jan '20

Just to add to this, export can be made very specific using CQL queries. You do not have to export every single object and filter them outside of FOLIO. Just be aware that querying and response paging performance will vary across apps/modules.