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FOLIO Forum — FOLIO Reporting with the Library Data Platform

4 Feb '20

Time: Wednesday, February 12, 2020 at 11:00AM EST / 1500 GMT


This session will discuss reporting in FOLIO using the Library Data Platform (LDP), a new open source system for reporting and analytics in libraries.

Topics covered will include:

  1. Introduction to the LDP: the design and implementation of the platform.

  2. The FOLIO reporting community: organization of the Reporting SIG (convener, working groups, JIRA issue management) and joining the Reporting SIG (weekly meetings, online discussion forums, help wanted).

  3. Building FOLIO reports with the LDP: accessing the LDP database (compatible client-side database/reporting software, public reference environments for testing), data models (how tables are mapped from FOLIO modules, using API documentation), creating report queries (relational tables, JSON data, support for arrays, the structure of complex queries), local tables (storing query results in user-created tables, integrating non-FOLIO data), and support for historical data.

  4. Community-developed reports: requirements prototyping, query development, the shared FOLIO query repository, and guidelines for contributed queries.


  • Nassib Nassar, Index Data: Nassib Nassar joined Index Data in 2015 as Senior Product Manager and Software Engineer. Prior to Index Data, he served in various roles in science computing and high performance computing. He spent 8 years at the University of North Carolina, Renaissance Computing Institute as Senior Research Scientist. For 9 years, he was Founder and President of Etymon Systems, an open source software company in Princeton, NJ. He also served as Assistant Director of Informatics at the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center, Duke University. Previously he spent 5 years developing text search software for the early Internet, including the widely used Isearch software.

  • Sharon Beltaine, Cornell University: Sharon Beltaine is a Library Systems Analyst in the Library Systems department at Cornell University Library, where she provides a broad range of analysis, reporting, and application support for core library systems. To her role as the FOLIO Reporting SIG Convener, she brings a rich background in data analysis, business analysis, and IT project management with experience in both Agile and PMI-based methodologies.

  • Angela Zoss, Duke University: Angela Zoss is Assessment and Data Visualization Analyst at Duke University Libraries, in the Assessment and User Experience department, where she participates in data collection and analysis projects to improve library collections, services, and spaces. She has a background in large data analysis research projects, especially related to bibliometric data, and she helps with query development and project management for the FOLIO Reporting SIG.

  • Kevin W. Walker, University of Alabama: Kevin Walker is Head of Assessment and Government Information and an Associate Professor at the University of Alabama, where he directs assessment activities, data services, and federal depository operations for University Libraries.

2 Jul '21

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